Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Alabama 'Green' Way: Bugg & his Dog Toy

Just A Pup

Just how great it would be if there were puppies that did not eat your shoes, the television remote or 'another' pair of your socks. 

In our Bugg's case, this would also include, all things that will fit in his pie hole and that would even include, pie.

Remember Yellow Labs: If it fits or not, insert in mouth.

I can not even count how many times I have heard 'the experts' say "you must walk your dog, an hour a day.".  I said they are full of it.  Most of us do not have the time and also, some of us that think out of the box, can find a better solution on how to exercise our dogs.

All you need is, some land, a dog, a bit of Alabama ingenuity and you too can have a puppy that is as exhausted and as well content as our Bugg.

This games requires very little effort on your part.  The cost will matter how many extra of these Alabama frizzbie's you have.  I can tell you by experience that:  Your dog will look at you with pride, in how smart you really are, after you add this new game to their (keep the puppy from eating every thing) arsenal.

Alabama Frizzbie

Since I'm the photographer, I have asked Uncle Billy to assist me in this demonstration.

First off:  We collect all our old plastic lids that have been accumulating over the years and we go outside with Bugg.

Next:  Grab your lawn chair and place your lids or better known in these parts as, Alabama frizzbies.

Also dress for the weather. Uncle Billy had to run in and change into some long pants, as it was a cool morning here in Southern Alabama.

Now both Bugg and Uncle Billy were ready to go!

Just one tip before the games does begin: Do not forget to bring out a bowl of water or in Bugg's case, a bowl of ice. 

Your dog will be exerting themselves and they need to replenish their bodies every now and then with water/ice. 

This games does require you to have to at least exert yourself to a certain extent but, remember.  You are not walking the dog for an hour..

You must make your dog sit and pay attention. Not only are you taking this time to exercise your dog, you should also take these opportunities to teach your dog their commands.

You must have control, of your dog, at all times!

Once Uncle Billy has established that he has complete control of Bugg's attention.

Uncle Billy throws the first Alabama frizzbie.

He's Off!
Bugg just knows he will catch this one!

Bugg lines it up..

Bugg Leaps!

Bugg is bound and determined, that he will catch it.

Bugg jumps higher 


Bugg Misses it.

That is okay. This is a new game for Bugg.

Bugg might be big but, he is still just a young puppy.

Bugg will be 11 months old this Sunday.

We must have patience with Bugg. 

We know Bugg will get better at this game, as time goes by.

Always the Gentleman
Even though Bugg did not catch his Alabama frizzbie and as we all know, he is such a gentleman.

Bugg still picks up his Alabama frizzbie.

Bugg runs the Alabama frizzbie back towards Uncle Billy.

Uncle Billy waits patiently.

Fooled You!
As Bugg gets closer to Uncle Billy. 

Uncle Billy smiles, Bugg is going to be the nice guy we know he is and run his Alabama frizzbie straight back to Uncle Billy.

Nope, Bugg runs right past Uncle Billy.

I don't think Bugg is really getting the gist of this game.

But yes, I too have to remember, Bugg is just a puppy and he is learning.

We have gotten to the point (we always do) where Bugg is wanting Uncle Billy to chase him and Uncle Billy knows this is a losing situation.

Uncle Billy sits down.

Uncle Billy grabs his drink and Bugg's Alabama frizzbies.

Uncle Billy then just kicks back and relaxes.

Now, some work still needs to be done. 

As in, you throw (from a sitting position) the Alabama frizzbie.

After your dog has retrieved his/her Alabama Frizzbie, allow them to make a few laps around the yard.

Then toss another Alabama frizzbie, your dog will not be able to contain themselves seeing that Alabama frizzbie in the air and they will drop the one in their mouth and chase after the one in the air.

See, very little effort on your part.

Bugg, You did it!

Uncle Billy throws another Alabama frizzbie.

Bugg sees Uncle Billy throwing the Alabama frizzbie in the air.

Bugg just Can not resist himself. 

Bugg drops his Alabama frizzbie (The one that he has been running around with) and tries to catch the one Uncle Billy just tossed in the air.

Bugg jumps and

Bugg catches it.

Here I Come!
Bugg turns and looks at Uncle Billy.

Bugg starts to run back towards Uncle Billy with the Alabama frizzbie in his mouth.

Uncle Billy hopes, that maybe, just this time! Bugg will actually bring the Alabama frizzbie back to him. Bugg doesn't.

So Uncle Billy throws another. 

Bugg will drop the Alabama frizzbie he has in his mouth and once again, run and try to catch the next Alabama frizzbie flying through the air.

He just can not help himself!

There is just some thing about those big blue things floating in the air, that Bugg just can not resist. 

This will be repeated until Uncle Billy runs out of Alabama frizzbies.

Okay Bugg
I know in the picture to your right, Bugg looks as if he is posing for a cute picture but, this is not the case.

You see, just as when Bugg plays sticks, he also plays Alabama frizzbie in the same manner.

Bugg will grab his Alabama frizzbie and not return the Alabama frizzbie back to me.

Bugg just runs by me, as if to say "Come and get it, if you can."

I have learned not to fall for this and so that just means one thing.

We end up with this...

All Mine!
Bugg's way of playing this game is unconventional, to say the least.  I admit that but, in my defense. Bugg is a very well trained pup. Bugg has been trained the command 'come' since he was 2 months old. 

It's just, I 'allow' Bugg to play 'this' game, his way. 

Bugg's Alabama frizzbie game is: I must catch all these blue things, unload them at my fort and after I have captured all the Alabama frizzbies. The game is over.

I'm okay with that.

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