Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pain Remedy: Bath Pillow: Done Mama's Way!

Those of us with Muscle diseases and those with chronic pain know that, a good hot bath can ease our muscles pain away.  But, if you do not have the right 'bath' pillow, what good does it really do, may I ask?


Is this how you look after taking a (supposedly) hot soothing bath. As you ease down into that hot water, your muscles already start to fill better.  Then you place your head on the last (already tried most) bath pillow you decided to give a try and there you lay, neck bent, as it lays up against that bath pillow, the pressure does nothing to help you combat that pain.

Why not get a pillow that floats in the water and takes that pressure off of your neck and shoulders.

I have been living with chronic myofascial pain for over 23 years.  I have tried a lot of gizmos/gadgets/tips on the hopes that it would help me have a more productive and enjoyable life.

This is one of the tools in my arsenal...

My Ahhh-Ha Moments

Some years back I had taken my kids to the swimming and as I was sitting in the sun watching them playing around in the pool, floating one more than one noodle floatie and that was when it struck me.  Why not make a bath pillow out of the noodle floatie, it might work so.

I went home and cut down a floatie to fit my bath tub and I must admit, it was the most relaxing bath I have ever had and I have yet to take a bath without this one tool in my arsenal, to combat the daily pain I live with.


The best tool for this job is a serrated knife, it will cut through your noodle floatie with ease.  You want to cut  your floatie so you will have a inch of space between the floatie and the sides of your tub.  This way your head will be floatng in the water and that will relieve the pressure you get from most bath pillows.  Store your floatie in a place where it is able to dry out, as moisture can cause bacteria to develop and that is not a good thing.

My Bath Recipe... 

2 cups of epsom salt 1/2 cup of batherapy with lavender.  Pour your epsom salt into your bath tub while the water is running, this will help dissolve the salt.

Then I add my batherapy after the tub is half full of water and then mix the water with your hand so as to combine all your bath ingredients.

I like my bath water to be hot and hotter the better but, this is your bath, so adjust the temperature so as to fit your likes.

Remember:  This is your bath & time, so have it your way.

Ease On down 

I place my foatie in my bath tub, where my head will be and I slowly ease on down.  I lay on my side, place the pillow under my neck and then I turn on my back.  Yes, it will take a few adjustments to get your 'new' bath pillow just right but, you will get the hang of it in no time.  Make sure to place the pillow right under the back of your neck.

You will amazed just how relaxing this bath pillow is and talk about cheap, my noodle floatie cost me one dollar.

The fact that your head is floating freely and not pressed up against the back of your tub, will allow your body to freely float and not add a bit of pressure.  Yes folks, after one use, you will never again be on the search for the best ever bath pillow, you have already found it.

Now, That' More Like It

So now you have learned my secret on how to have the most relaxing bath you have ever had and so please share this secrets with those you love, they will appreciate you even more so.  That is after they think you are nuts by just suggesting this idea.

After using your new bath pillow you too will have a smile on your face, just as my grandson did after his floatie (Mommy) craddles his neck while he was having his bath time.

Do not:  Use this floatie on infants/children.  Using this photograph of my grandson, was to show, just how relaxed you should look and feel, after finding out my secret of the best bath pillow out there you will ever find.

Another tool in my arsenal to combat muscle pain...

At times, just a good hard laugh will take away a lot of your woes...

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