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Super Bowl XLVII: Football, Fun, Food & EFF-IT BALLS Part 3

During Super Bowl Sunday, February 3, 2013, when the Baltimore Ravens play the San Francisco 49ers.  There will be more than just one kind of bomb being thrown that day.  The F bomb will be shouted more than once, so why not combat (well some what) that problem by making EFF-IT Balls.  Easier to explain to the kids.

What the...


This project will cost you very little money but save you in how many sorry's you will be sharing with the young'in at your Super Bowl Party.  When ever your team losing, just throw the ball down and yell EFF-IT.

When the children (or some ladies) act shocked just explain to them that you said effort, that your team made such a wonderful effort on that last play and even though they messed up, you thought they deserved an atta boy.  Works for most.

2 9X12 felt sheet for each EFF-IT ball you plan on making.

The embroidery floss will be enough to make two EFF-IT balls.

Then just a old sheet, shirt or any kind of cloth you have been meaning to toss out.

Of course you will need a sewing needle, poster board, tape, scissors, chop sticks and two helpers always works for the best.

First Step...

Make a template of a football on some poster board, you will need a 'very' sturdy paper.  Tape the template to one of your felt sheets and cut around the template.  Do not get over anxious and try to cut two at a time, they will not be even.

Step 2...

Take your embroidery floss and make the laces for the front of your EFF-IT balls.  I find if you sew the EFF-IT balls in this order and making a knot at after each step helps from making the felt to bunch up.  Once again, calm down and just relax into it all.

Step 3...

Sew both your football sides together with your embroidery floss.  Make sure not to pull tight on the embroidery floss, as it will make the felt bunch up.  I am sure you don't mind that I use last years photograph for some of my directions, time is ticking by and soon it will be Super Bowl Sunday, it is a sacrifice I must take.

Also make sure to leave a few inches left open so you are able to stuff your EFF-IT balls.

Step 4...

This is where your chop sticks will come in handy, as they will help you fill in the corners with your cloth, so you don't have any gaps.  Stuff to the desire you choose but make sure you are able to close it up.  When you are done stuffing your EFF-IT balls then finish sewing up your EFF-IT balls.

I understand that I have been using the photographs I used when I published my articles for last years Super Bowl articles but, I am making the EFF-IT balls this year...


Okay I guess I should say, 'we' are making the EFF-IT balls.  Yes, the hubby worked today, he had to make a run and yes I had him take our grandson.

After he finishes sewing the EFF-IT balls I am sure he will have no trouble going to sleep, so operation 'duct it' can be pulled off without a hitch.

That would be the prank I shared with in part 2 of this series.  Please take a look, it might give you a few ideas.  My other victim decided to go out to the bar for a few cold ones so my brother Billy will have no trouble sleeping while I decorate his doorway.

I will be sitting in the kitchen and every now and then I will bang a pot with a spoon so the hubby thinks I am working, as he finishes sewing all the EFF-IT balls.  I am so bad, yet so good.


As crazy as it seems, not all your guest might like football, I know, I know crazy huh.  We should not forget about them.

 The best way to combat this situation is to get someone to find all those games you bought throughout the years for the kids to play.

Grab some playing cards and get the poker chips out.  This will help keep them entertained while you try to feed all the folks, watch the game and take the dogs out every now and then.

Maybe even buy some small gifts and make a poker tournament.  With winners for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.

You are the hostess/host and you want all to feel welcome.

My Favorite gift to give...

Yes this is for my son, the one whom dares to defy me and 'always' bet against me (other than 1999) yes, he always gets a package of love from his mama.  A EFF-IT ball for when my San Francisco 49ers, kick his Baltimore Ravens Butt.

See the lovely ribbon I used (last years 90% after holiday valentine special), there was so much love put in here for my guy because, I am sure he will be dropping a few bombs of his own come Super Bowl Sunday.  Also being his mama and being so thoughtful I even included some Alabama tissue to dry his tears.

We are Nearing...

Yes people we are getting close to the scrimmage line of our game called Super Bowl Party 101.  We are so close and remember, do not panic, you still have time.  Kick off is not until 6:30 EST.

We will be doing beverages, snacks and meat in the next 12 hours so hang in there.

Super Bowl XVLII: Part 1

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All photographs are the property of Denise O.  Do not use unless you get 'my' written permission. All written material is owned by Denise O, it will not be 'used' (sharing my article is different and acceptable) without 'my' written permission.  Just keeping it real folks.:)

Super Bowl XLVII: Football, Food, Fun & Yes, Pranks 2

Yes folks, Super Bowl Sunday is approaching us and we will make our loved ones life so much happier with each and every task we complete, ducting is always a great way to be able to spread the love.  Follow me through these steps and you will be off to a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday...

Now is the time to get out that duct tape, markers, crayons from your kids toy box and last but never least, poster board.  This is a very easy project and one you will be reaping the awards of, for years to come, just the look of your victims face, will have you smiling all year long.  Oh such memories!

Make sure you have chosen your target/targets or I mean, the one/ones that you want to share this experience with, I promise you, they will be so ever touched that you have taken the time out to give to them.  Okay, maybe not at first but, you will be laughing about it, in days to come.

Make The Signs...

All this takes is a good imagination and very little time that is, if you have everything planned out.  I am here to help guide you through this process.  Remember, when making your signs be gentle (Not!) these are the folks you love and yet, they are your enemy on this coming Sunday, so throw that all nice crap out the window and let us get to work

 After you have made your signs, expressing just what you really think about the team your target/targets wish to win.  This is war folks, go for the gut.  You know they would do it if they thought of it first, so pull out all the stops and let them have it.

This 'is' Football Folks!

After your (my) target (the hubby) gets home from work, I ask him if he wants to help me in the kitchen or watch the grandson, he will go for that boy each and every time.  Tristan is 2 1/2 years old and he is all boy, he plays hard, he has no fear and he exhaust this 61 year old man, so he will be off to bed early and sleeping hard in no time.

Now if you have more than one opponent that you want to share your artist expertise with, as you also pretty up their doorway, for a better looking curb appeal.  You send out the first victim with the grandson and then you tell the another one, well since your team mate decided to opt out of helping me in the kitchen, they then were chosen to be my assistant in the kitchen.  Make them peel your potatoes and/or anything else you are able to throw their way.

Keep their limitations in the kitchen ( I mean, really, must I explain) in mind throughout this process.  Like the mere fact that I know, what takes me five minutes to do, will take them 20 to 30 minutes to do, any given day.  The peeling of one potato takes as much concentration for them, as it would be if you yourself had to take the SAT's with no pencil.  It's just irritating, I must leave the room every time they take up this task.

This mission is not 'even' close to being over with...

Oh I am not done with them yet,

You knowing good, darn and well that Tristan (grandson & partner of mine) will run just about the very last energy this old man has stored up.  Your first victim is relieved that he can now catch his breath.  ow time to exhaust victim two.

Once victim two gets a drink for him and his great-nephew Tristan, he happily trots out the door, escaping my demands only to get out of the frying pan and into the fire with his great-nephew.

If you have dogs, add them to the mix, for both victims mind you.

As soon as victim ones sits down, make a huge sigh (he is 61 after all), you have a nice cold glass of ice tea ready, you are always so thoughtful.

Proceed to grab what other vegetables you have that needs some chopping, grab a TV tray, a nice, cutting board and a big bowl and say "Honey, could you please cut these up for me, it's not much.".  He will sigh, he might even give you a harsh look but ignore it and go back to the kitchen and finish your chores.

Man Rule:  If the one that is cooking for you says "Jump!", just say "How high?" before they get the j sound out, remember, they will be feeding you.

Not Done Yet...

You would think one day of the Tristan and the dogs thrown straight at them would have their butts in bed by now but no, not them, there is always time for television.  So let them have their dinner, make the hubby give the grandson a bath, a workout in itself.  Have him tuck the little guy into bed.

As soon as your two victims are kicked back and relaxing, watching another wrestling show, ask them to help you with one more thing.  If you must, grab a spray bottle, fill it with water and then spritz your face right before you leave the kitchen, having had the oven on for at least an hour, nothing in it by the way, look haggard, as if it was 'you' that had to do 'all' of the work that day.  The EFF-IT balls need to be made folks.

I Don't make this stuff up folks...

You think I am being Facetious, well I'm not... Them last year

Yes this was the men Last year the night before Super Bowl Sunday, no folks, I do not play and if I say it is so, it is so. 

By the time the eye strain effects the hubby's brain as he uses his dollar store glasses to sew up my EFF-IT balls, he will be ready for bed.  Use their weaknesses against them, this is a game folks and we want to win!

But any how, by the time they get halfway through with this task, you will hear the extra (<eyeroll>) loud yawning, you then know that they are starting to go down, all you have to do then is, place in front of them a mouth watering dessert, they will chow down and then be ready to fall fast asleep.

finish up what needs to be done in the kitchen as you wait for your victims to fall into a deep sleep.  If your target is like my target was last year, then you might have to wait for the old man's middle of the night pee visit.

But once you hear that toilet being flushed and the moans and groans as the hubby enters back into his comfortable safe bed, you then take action.  Once Billy is asleep, he is out, no worries!

Operation Duct'em is on

Yes you will a bit tired in the morning after staying up so you are able to share your decorating expertise with the ones you love but, it will be well worth it all in the end.

So when all are snuggled in their beds for the night, grab your duct tape and poster boards and make your way to their bedroom.

It is very helpful to have a partner to help you pull this caper off.

By the way...

Most will be willing, as they do know that the mere fact of it all is, when they are part of 'my' team, they then will not be on the opposite side, always a good thing.

Especially for Super Bowl festivities and April fools day.

It is always better to be on the strongest team, when ever possible.

All in....

Grab your roll/rolls (depending on how many of those you love, you will want to share your expertise with) of duct tape, the lovely poster boards that you painted up with all the love you have in your heart, just for them.

Then Duct tape their butts inside of their room, using the signs and 'plenty' of duct tape.  Have your partner hold the sign and duct away.  The more duct tape, the better.

Please make sure you have those loving words pointed towards the inside of the room, you 'do not' want them to miss out on your beautiful art work..

Remember the hint I gave you on part 1 of my Super Bowl Party series, about taking care of yourself first with that lovely Orange & Honey Compound Butter, well make sure to have it ready in the refrigerator.  Set your clock, waking up early, as to make sure you will be the first one up, even before the rooster crows.

Rise & Shine

Make your way to the kitchen, make yourself your favorite beverage, make you a stack of pancakes and a few pieces of sausage.

Remember:  You have been working hard this week, you 'do' deserve this, no guilt!

When you have made your plate, grab a chair and the TV tray, set your food down, relax in your chair and then just wait for those you love so much to wake up and see all your artistic love you have just showered them with.

I have found that this is the best seat in town, come Super Bowl Sunday morning and I am sure you will also.

They have Risen...

Oh how you have waited for this moment, you have not only worked hard both physically and mentally for this very moment in time.

Do not blink and yes please, have that camera ready, you hear their foot steps getting closer and here, your time and energy has paid all.

They open the door and what to their surprise....

Don't forget to Say Cheese!

Come on admit it, it is a great prank and one that has stood the test of time.  Will the hubby be a bit upset, sure!  Oh well, he will survive and you will have the evidence of it (if you remembered to take the photo that is) all to show the grandkids and the great grandkids, on just how Granny got one over on Granddaddy.

So as not to make your first victim get his panties into much of a wad, invite him to grab a plate of pancakes (of course you made extra) and then come and join you in the next showing of "Duct Tape Gone Mad Episode" as your second victim wakes up.  Oh yes folks this is the best way to start your Super Bowl Sunday.

Back in the Game...

You want to make sure you have at least party favorite for those you love and do not fret, I have the perfect solution and one I came up with last year for our Super Bowl Party.  Yes, my team was not in that game either, damn falcons!

I would also like to point out that this is also a cheap item to make, basically you will not be breaking the bank but, you guest will love this gift all throughout the game and even after.

EFF-IT Ball's

These balls are made from felt and embrod* thread, a ripped up old sheet, towels or what ever you have that is a bit tattered and you were meaning to throw it away.

You will need two squares 9x12 of felt, your choice of color for each eff-it ball you plan to make.

One package of embroidery floss for each EFF-IT ball but if you are intending to make more than just one EFF-IT ball, than that one package will be enough thread for two EFF-IT balls.

Why EFF-IT balls you ask, well we usually have children around and so we do try and keep the language at least pg rated but, every now and then your team just makes you furious, you then can throw your ball down and say EFF-IT, the kids ask and your explanation will be...

No hon, that was not a cuss word, I said 'effort', damn they really put in that 'effort'.

Little Reminders...

I picked up my avocados Thursday, they were hard so I placed them in a brown paper bag and placed them on my kitchen counter. I am sorry I did not remind you to pick your avocados up but come next year, you will be ready.

In the mean time go to your favorite Mexican restaurant you love to visit and place 2 large orders of the stuff.

Bring it home, add a bit of cracked pepper, some sea salt, a few drops from a lemon, mix it up, place in a bowl and now you are able to say yes, I made that.

Also those that also frequent the same restaurant will more than likely say "It taste like Jose's but, a bit different, love it!" and all you have to do is sit there and smile and your come back will be "I know, this will be my go to recipe from now.

When they ask for the recipe just tell them "I promised my friend I would not give away her great-grandmother's recipe away.".  That should be the end of that.

Still Football Folks!

I feel that the 49ers offense will dominate the ball and that their defense will hold their own.  As a falcon fan, it hurts me more to write this than it does for you Ravens fans to read it, I promise you.  At least your team made it to the Super Bowl, thank you very much.

Bottom line is folks, just relax, grab all your supplies and even though we Americans's might consider it a holiday it is not, all stores will be open.  You can always use the running backs on your team to make you a run or two.

Please visit my first chapter on how to throw the best Super Bowl Party, Ever!

Super Bowl XLVII: Part 1

Super Bowl XLVII:  Part 3

If your victim/victims don't have much of a sweet, then at least serve them a savory breakfast, you 'will' be needing their help throughout the day...

Loaded Baked Potato Quiche:  Done Mama's Way!

I will be back in a few hours with the next chapter of us throwing the best Super Bowl Party, Ever!

All photographs are the property of Denise O.  Do not use unless you get 'my' written permission. All written material is owned by Denise O, it will not be 'used' (sharing my article is different and acceptable) without 'my' written permission.  Just keeping it real folks.:)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Myofascial Pain & Multiple Sclerosis: Sock it to Me, Baby!

Those of us that live with any muscle disease, we understand the pain at times is constant but, we will do all we can to combat these episodes.  We want those we love to understand and then help us through it all.  Patience is key on their part.

You think these spasms look painful, you should see them this year.  This photo was taken last year during a very painful episode.  I have lived with Chronic Myofascial Pain for 23 years now and it never really eases up all the way but, we can take measures to lessen the pain.

Understanding the beast...

Those of you that are either dealing with CMP, Fibromyalgia or Multiple Sclerosis, you know exactly what I am going through, sadly.  It seems to be a never ending battle to stay one step ahead of this game.

Please understand, you are not alone and yes, some of us do understand.

Stress: One of the worst things that can fall upon those of us that live with a muscle disease.

Yes, this sweet face has caused a lot of havoc for me these last few months.  Our dog Sweet Tee has become a great escape artist.  We would patch up a hole and then the guy would find another hole and escape for days at a time.

My husband is at work all day and a lot of the night, my brother goes to school during the day and so, that left it up to me to take him out on the leash.

It was getting to the point I could not walk him during the day time.

I was so frustrated, I just did not know how to love him enough so he would stick around.

The blame game started to hit me and then the stress of it all started to  mount.  Sweet Tee is a Akita/Pit bll mix and the Akita in him gives him the ability to jump very high, especially for their size.  Money was tight but, we had taken what we had, bought some chicken wire and started to barricade this dog in, only for him to find another way to get out.  It seemed as if I was building a fence to no where.

Sleep Pattern: Very important for us to maintain one, which is very hard.  We want to sleep folks but, we are unable to do so at times.  As each night goes by with less and less sleep, it starts to take its toll on us.


I can not pin this painful episode all on Tee though, we had other factors, such as the flu going around our home.  Yes, this other sweet face gave my body a jolt, I am my grandson's babysitter and with that at times, comes sickness and boy did he pass that flu around.

Of course I was the last to get it so I had taken care of everyone else, making sure to try and guard myself against the flu and then I got it.

I tried to run faster than the flu, Sweet Tee running away and just the everyday duties that take all I got but, they finally caught up to me and I had to go to bed.

I did not babysit my grandson for a few days while I rested up.  Tristan himself was just getting better so we both tried to weather out this storm together.  Tristan had a diaper rash, one thing he just normally does not get.

Between his parents, Dan & I, we all started to doctor his behind, thinking it might be a heat rash as he ran a high fever while he was fighting the flu.  We found out in some days that it was not a diaper rash, he actually caught another bug.

Noooooo, Not this Bugg...

LOL, Not Me!
No it was not 'our' Bugg but, the devil in disguise, a darn chigger.  He had this diaper rash for about 6 days and after my research I now understand if you have that little bit of marks on you, you also will have many more of these critters around.

I being his main caregiver while he was awake, I too was being bitten, without even knowing it, until I too saw welts.  Where as most folks that get chigger bites, they get them all at once, as they are out in the woods  when they get attacked and in one location but, here we did not know this is what it was and we all ran high fevers, I too thought that was why I was getting a rash.  I was also running a high fever for days on end.

Having two dogs, 4 adults and 1 child that use this home a lot, those chiggers sure did spread.  Now here I am still dealing with an escape artist named Sweet Tee, we just went through about 3 weeks of the flu and my body was feeling it.  Also I might add, this was all in the month of November, right during the holidays.

Not Done Yet...
After the flu had pretty much gotten out of my home and Sweet Tee was still running away.  I was washing and vacuuming everything, over and over again.  The best way to kill a chigger is with (very) hot soapy water.  I had taken so many baths to combat all the bites and maybe future ones that might come if I did skip this step that my skin and hair were both brittle, let alone the strength it was zapping from me.

I will share the whole chigger experience with you in the next few weeks.  I learned what to do and what not to do during the process of how to get rid of these very painful parasites.

Our grandson came over, he seemed to be feeling much better, he had his usual day of hanging with his granny.  His granddaddy made it home that night from work, Tristan wanted to sit on his lap so I went in the bedroom to relax, when all of a sudden I heard Dan yelling "Denise, oh my gosh come here!".  As I reached the living room our grandson vomited once again.

Within the next 5 days we all had to combat the norovirus and that was not fun.  Yes Sweet Tee was still getting out and my body was fighting to keep on going.  My constant battle with CMP was starting to be a losing game.  You see, since my body was having to fight off the flu, the norovirus, it also had to process the poison that is left by the chigger, it did not have much left for the CMP so, I have been going down.

Defense, Low!

The spasms were building up, I was still getting massages, not as many while I went through the flu though and that too was taking its toll on my body.

Chronic:  My definition, constant but, with different degrees of pain, depending.

Myofascial:  Thin clear film that covers our muscles. 

Pain:  Every day, it never lets up but, it will lessen at times.

This is the best way I know how to explain the process those of s that have CMP and some that have MS...

This is a Muscle...

This Your Muscle 'on' CMP... 

For many reasons the clear layer (Fascia) over our muscles tighten up, which then draws in your muscles and you get a spasm.  If you have ever had a spasm (aka charlie horses) then you know how much pain they do cause.  There is a difference though...

Where as a person not living with this ailment will tell you, it does subside after you relax your muscles, mine do 'not' subside unless I do the work that needs to be done to make it happen.  They either need to be taken out by my friend/massage therapist Jamie, my husband, my own hands or with another trick of the trade.

Do What You Must!

I have found over these years that those of us with the same muscle ailment are the same, yet different.  What works for one does not work for all and as you are trying to get your muscle disease under control, you must realize this.

I have opted out of taking pain medications since 2000 when I was given oxycotin, I tried it, I didn't like it so I tossed them.  I am so glad I did not just listen to the doctor and give them a few days to see if the side effects lessened.  Within the next year they were killing people.  Not worth the chance for me, if you find they help you, then so be it do it.

I do take a very low dose of xanax daily.  I will also take soma's for a few weeks, then off until I have another bout.

The doctor that did finally (90's) give me the 'right' diagnosis once told me to smoke a joint if I feel stressed or have a drink or two.  The key is to keep stress away as much as you are able to.

I am not much of a drinker so that is not a option, other than the occasional hoot'n and holler'n we might do once a year and at times once every few years.  I did not smoke pot so that was out, so I started by getting all the information I could on the disease.  Now if these options make you feel better, by all means go ahead, it is your body and you know it better than I do or even 'most' doctors.

By the way:  I am all for 'medical' pot, it helps a lot of us that deal with pain constantly, might not take all our woes away but, it does help most be able to ease it up a bit.

Do what works for you!

I have found that I do best being on a high protein diet, sucking down my greensplus (a lot of herbs) that is downright gross.

Massage therapy twice a week and no not that relax me, smell the lavender and let us mediate kind of stuff.  When Jamie comes to my home, she does not come to play.

The sessions are long (3 hours), painful and cuss words are thrown.  I call it my pain tourettes, no offense to those that suffer with tourettes syndrome.

I also know that moist heat will help me along the way through CMP world and luckily years ago a friend of mine told me about rice socks.

Fill a tube sock with plain dry long white rice, using a mason jar to start the socks off works the best.  Tie off the end and repeat.

Place the sock in the microwave for about 2 minutes.  Each microwave, sock and rice is different so it is like microwave popcorn in that, it might take a few tries to get them just right.  Then place the socks where your muscles are hurting and allow the moist (moisture comes from the rice) heat to penetrate in.

When your rice socks stop giving out moist heat, place them in the freezer for at least 24 hours.  Or do as I do, place them in your freezer once a week.  It might not take all the pain away but, I do promise you one thing, it does not hurt.

Life Goes On...

We have been able (Husband is selling those cars) to finally afford the tools we needed to keep Sweet Tee contained.  Tristan and the rest of us are over the flu, the chiggers and the norovirus, now our bodies are healing.  Our bank has worked with us so we will not lose our home, we just signed the papers last month.

A stress I have been living with for over a year, when my husband lost his job on April 1 2011 and yes, that is April fools day, go firgure huh.  We went through a few months of Dan looking for a job and then 2 BS jobs until he finally found his way back to the place he where he was first fired, they called him back.  Dan was salesman of the month this last month and all seems to be right in our world, today.

This was why I have been absent and unable to work.  As a (recovering) A-type personality it kills me to be down but, at I keep saying, you must do what is right for 'you'.

I hope this article has helped those that too live with a muscle disease and just maybe, it might open up the eyes of you folks that do not.

My first article this go around is about the Super Bowl coming up this Sunday, maybe take a look see and tell me if I am doing better or not.  I am sure your answer will be "Yes!"...

Super Bowl XLVII:  Football, Food, Fun & Yes, Pranks! 

For another trick of the trade, please visit my article on how to make your own bath pillow...

You'll be Yelling: "Pillow, Take Me Away!"

All photographs are the property of Denise O.  Do not use unless you get 'my' written permission. All written material is owned by Denise O, it will not be 'used' (sharing my article is different, it is acceptable and appreciated) without 'my' written permission.  Just keeping it real folks.:)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII: Football, Food, Fun & Yes, Pranks

Yes, it is that time of year again, where us Americans gather around the television and eat our way through another Super Bowl game.  What is more American than football, fun, family, friends and a bunch of food.  Throw in a prank or two and you have the making of the best Super Bowl Party you will have ever thrown.


I know my dirty bird, I want in also

Yes... They Chocked!

My Falcons will 'not' be in New Orleans, unless they bought a ticket to watch the Baltimore Ravens VS the San Francisco 49ers, sadly!
I could just crawl in that hole with my buddy Bugg and I sure wanted to do that very things after the 49ers beat my Falcons (aka 'the dirty birds', from the dirty south) but, like most Americans, I will not let this ruin the one day of the year that we gather together and loved ones become enemies as they stake claim to one of those two teams that will be playing on Super Bowl Sunday.

We 'will' gorge ourselves with some delicious food, not feel the least bit guilty and rightly so.  This is a American past time that we will never allow one person to ever take away from us, yes that Sunday, we will be animals and our enemies will be those we love.  I mean folks, this 'is' Football!

In all honesty though, it will start around the week before, we will chose sides and wages will be placed.  Email your loved one each day prior to Super Bowl Sunday and let them know just how much you love them, your team and just how bad your team will beat their team.  A phone call is even a bit more personal, I mean, you do love them after all, share it!

The Essentials...

Food, markers, duct tape and I mean a lot of duct tape!
Grab some embroidery thread, some felt.
Food, did I mention that we need food, lots of it!
Also, grab the crayons from your children's toy box.

Remember, we want to go out of our way to make our enemies, oops I mean our loved ones feel right at home and so ever loved, so do not skimp.

Poster Board...

Oh yes you will need poster boards, it is a must at every Super Bowl Party, it adds to the ambiance and shows your loved ones just how much you do love them, it is you being extra kind on such a glorious day, kind of a pay it forward, since you are just the giving kind.

Do not forget the duct tape, it too is an essential on Super Bowl Sunday, as is food, yes lots of food!


Oh, the pie holes (or in this case, the dumpl'n hole) will be opened wide and just as soon as us evil, meat eating, processed cheese loving glutton Americans have just digested our Christmas dinners, we will pile in more.

Do not have any shame in your game, we are Americans Dammit!  We deserve it all!

As I publish my pages on this years Super Bowl in New Orleans on February 3, 2013, at 6:30 EST.  I will be including activities, recipes and a few tricks that I have up my sleeve.

As I am writing this article, my mouth is just a watering thinking of all the goodies that will be placed in front of me and my loved ones, no guilt, no calorie counting, just enjoy!

I will also be popping in with a few man rules that have stood the test of time and my first man rule is...

Man Rule:  Do 'not' make the cook mad, they will be stuffing that pie hole of yours.

Sibling Rivalry...

It is only natural for siblings to feud and this Super Bowl Sunday will not leave out this fight that has gone on since man has had a brother or a sister sitting next to them.

My siblings and I were very competitive while we were growing up, even though one year my sister and I were on the same team.  Debbie was the pitcher and I was the catcher.  We always tried to out bat each other and just plain & simply, out play each other.  By the way, we were both all stars for our positions that year (I also won the year before) and we won the championship.

I find it to be a very healthy stage we all go through.  I saw the same with my two kids and they have both turned out just fine.

Jim Harbaugh the head coach for the San Francisco 49ers and John Harbaugh the head coach for the Baltimore Ravens, these brothers will come face to face, as their teams compete and try to take the Vince Lombardi Championship trophy home and place it on their mantle.  So one brother will be able to share the joy with his brother he loves so much, each and every time he invites his brother and his family over for a barbecue.

My Expert...
Yes, this is my expert, we are a small (very!) production here, so I must use those whom I do have.  My expert use to play football back in the day, in peewee football, until he tore the ligaments in his right leg, after Billy healed up, Mama told him to find another sport.

 With all do respect, Billy has been a very good couch coach for many of decades.  My expert Billy has informed me that he feels this Super Bowl will be a Baltimore victory, now I could say this was fool proof but, he is still a bit mad at the mere fact that the 49ers beat his beloved Pats.

Though I am sure this is the very reason that he did pick the Ravens, he does have some valid points.  Such as, the 49ers quarterback Colin Kaeper is the rookie of the two quarterbacks that will be fighting it out.

But yes, I do disagree with a lot of his points.  I am going to take the 49ers this go around, remember, my team lost to them, damn those falcons!  I am not going to go against the 49ers just because they beat my team and they are the ones going to the Super Bowl and not my team.  No I have been on the losing
side of things for way too long.

I feel the experience of Joe Flacco, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers will win in the end.  Only time will tell.  Speaking of the 49ers, I must email my son (the one I am betting against) and let him know just how bad he is going to lose come February 3, I mean I am his mother and I must keep in touch with him, right.   Ahhhhhhhhh, a mother's heart never stops giving.


Yes there will be food as I have stated before, I will add some of my older recipes and add a few 'new' recipes over this next week.  I promise you one thing, if you follow my tips, you are bound and determined to have the best Super Bowl Party, Ever!

As the hostess/host, you must wake up running, you have a party to arrange and time is a ticking.  I suggest you load up with some carbs, such as pancakes and do not forget the sausage.  Since the rest of the day will be all about others, I feel we as the hostess/host should pamper ourselves first...

Orange & Honey: Compound Butter...

This is such an easy recipe and yet, it adds just enough spark that once you make your first compound butter, you will be adding all kinds of things to your butter from now on.  I find when you use compound butter's, you use less of the butter yet, add more flavor to each dish.

In a bowl place 1 stick of butter, 3 tablespoons of honey and 1 (or more if you like) tablespoon's of the zest of an orange.  Mix until it is well blended.

Make Some Pancakes...

Then tops those lovely pancakes with your Orange & Honey Compound Butter, add a few sausage links and enjoy.  You do deserve it now but, by the end game, you really will have deserved this breakfast.

  Start Your Engines...

This is going to be a hell of a ride but, you are ready.  You are carb'd up and you have made sure you are prepared for this Sunday's game.  You must make lists, do not step this process or you might get lost.  Do not forget about your loved ones, I feel they deserve an extra email or as I have stated before, make a phone call, it really is more personal.

Delegate folks: There will be other guests and I figure why not take advantage of that.  It only means more food so...  Ask them to bring a dish!


Will there be a fight, I bet there will be
Yes it is all about the sport in the end and I am looking forward to a hard hitting game.  I mean remember, these teams did beat my team, the Atlanta Falcons and Billy's team, the New England Patriots, they must be the best.  Well at least Billy and I feel this way.

These are my two buddies Bugg & Sweet Tee, they are the star and co-star of the (my) production company, Buggah inc. and they will help you along this process of throwing the best 'ever' Super Bowl Party.

The other cast of Characters that also play a role in this (my) production company...

My husband Dan, hair & make-up.  I did mention he is my husband and by the way, he has enough sense to know that I am the boss.

You have already met my expert Billy, lives with me, no choice.

My son Marcus, need I really say a thing, I am his mama now.

Also my grandson Tristan, without me, he would not be here, period.

Yes this is an old photograph of them (about 2 years old) but here at Buggah inc., we use what we have.

Grab your paper, get your game plan ready and let us make this year the best Super Bowl Party, Ever!

Why not start with a few of my older recipes...

Potato Salad:  Done Mama's Way!

Come Get Your... Boiled Peanuts!

Do not forget about your dog pals...

MeMe Heads:  Dog Biscuits

Super Bowl XLVII: Part 2

Thank you Paul for all your support you have given me while I was dealing with some of life's woes, you are a true friend.  Please take the time to check out my friend Paul's Blog, it is worth your time to do so...

Paul Pruel

I have also gained a new friend that has helped promote my blog when I was unable to do so myself, thank you Papaleng...

Some of Papaleng's blogs, well worth a look see.

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Southern Style Boiled Peanuts: Vegetarian

What is more southern than some boiled peanuts, let me answer for you, not much.  These salty, hot and tender morsels, will make you want more after each and every bite.

Us folks here in the south have been raised on boiled peanuts.  This is one reason why we do go see what we might be able to recycle at flea markets, I mean us Alabama folks are green minded folks.   The 'What is old to another is new to us' mentality puts us in that category and also, use what you have to get the job done, helps also. Then if all else fails, get out the duct tape.

All flea markets around here have at least one person selling boiled peanuts, you are also able to see folks on the side of the road with a huge vat of hot boiled peanuts and a few vegetables to sell.  Also, just because I now know how to make them myself, I still grab a bag every time we go to the flea market or I see a person selling them on the side of the road.

Our go to place for some boiled peanuts on the weekend is at the Ladonia Alabama Flea Market on highway 80.  We always take the time to go see our friend Gary McNatt or better known as Pops.

The market is open 7 days a week but only sells food Friday - Sunday.

If you are not lucky enough to come and grab a bag at the flea market, then I will just have to bring the experience to you.  You will find very few recipes that are as easy as this one.  It is a great snack for your family but also, a great dish to add to any party.


2 pounds un-shelled raw peanuts

2 gallons water

2 cups kosher salt

Too Easy

Place some warm water and salt in a large plastic container, mix well so the salt will dissolve, to make your brine.

Add your peanuts to your brine.  After most of your salt is dissolved.

You will notice that the peanuts will float to the top of your container.

To combat this problem, get a lid that will fit down inside the container, place on top of your peanuts.

Place two big cans in a plastic bag and place on top of your lid.

If you do not take this extra step, you will be cooking peanuts for days, just to make them tender.

Allow them to set for at least 16 hours.

After your peanuts have soaked, drain the peanuts and place in a large stock pot.  Add 1 1/2 gallons of water and 1/4 cup of kosher salt to your pot.  Bring to a boil.

When your peanuts come to a boil, cover, place on simmer and cook for roughly 4 1/2 hours, or until your peanuts are soft.


After about 3 hours, take a peanut out of your pot and test it for texture.  You want them to be soft but, not real mushy.

After at least 3 hours, every half hour after that, grab a peanut out of your pot, pop it in your mouth and see if it is done to your liking.

Some folks like their peanuts a bit more cooked than others, so you be the judge.

My last pot had taken me 5 hours to cook and yet, the time before it only had taken me 4 hours.

If your water is getting too low than add some more water to your pot, you do not want your peanuts drying out, they should be soft, wet and salty.

I place mine in ziploc baggies and toss them in the refrigerator.  Make sure you add some of that broth you cooked the peanuts in to each bag, so the peanuts will not dry out.

For another southern style recipe please visit...

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Our (My) Business, Our (my) Employees & the Alabama Scanner

This dish would be a great treat on Super Bowl Sunday...

Super Bowl XLVII:  Football, Food, Fun And Yes, Pranks!

All photographs are the property of Denise O.  Do not use unless you get 'my' written permission. All written material is owned by Denise O, it will not be 'used' (sharing my article is different, it is acceptable and appreciated) without 'my' written permission.  Just keeping it real folks.:)