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Super Bowl XLVII: Football, Food, Fun & Yes, Pranks

Yes, it is that time of year again, where us Americans gather around the television and eat our way through another Super Bowl game.  What is more American than football, fun, family, friends and a bunch of food.  Throw in a prank or two and you have the making of the best Super Bowl Party you will have ever thrown.


I know my dirty bird, I want in also

Yes... They Chocked!

My Falcons will 'not' be in New Orleans, unless they bought a ticket to watch the Baltimore Ravens VS the San Francisco 49ers, sadly!
I could just crawl in that hole with my buddy Bugg and I sure wanted to do that very things after the 49ers beat my Falcons (aka 'the dirty birds', from the dirty south) but, like most Americans, I will not let this ruin the one day of the year that we gather together and loved ones become enemies as they stake claim to one of those two teams that will be playing on Super Bowl Sunday.

We 'will' gorge ourselves with some delicious food, not feel the least bit guilty and rightly so.  This is a American past time that we will never allow one person to ever take away from us, yes that Sunday, we will be animals and our enemies will be those we love.  I mean folks, this 'is' Football!

In all honesty though, it will start around the week before, we will chose sides and wages will be placed.  Email your loved one each day prior to Super Bowl Sunday and let them know just how much you love them, your team and just how bad your team will beat their team.  A phone call is even a bit more personal, I mean, you do love them after all, share it!

The Essentials...

Food, markers, duct tape and I mean a lot of duct tape!
Grab some embroidery thread, some felt.
Food, did I mention that we need food, lots of it!
Also, grab the crayons from your children's toy box.

Remember, we want to go out of our way to make our enemies, oops I mean our loved ones feel right at home and so ever loved, so do not skimp.

Poster Board...

Oh yes you will need poster boards, it is a must at every Super Bowl Party, it adds to the ambiance and shows your loved ones just how much you do love them, it is you being extra kind on such a glorious day, kind of a pay it forward, since you are just the giving kind.

Do not forget the duct tape, it too is an essential on Super Bowl Sunday, as is food, yes lots of food!


Oh, the pie holes (or in this case, the dumpl'n hole) will be opened wide and just as soon as us evil, meat eating, processed cheese loving glutton Americans have just digested our Christmas dinners, we will pile in more.

Do not have any shame in your game, we are Americans Dammit!  We deserve it all!

As I publish my pages on this years Super Bowl in New Orleans on February 3, 2013, at 6:30 EST.  I will be including activities, recipes and a few tricks that I have up my sleeve.

As I am writing this article, my mouth is just a watering thinking of all the goodies that will be placed in front of me and my loved ones, no guilt, no calorie counting, just enjoy!

I will also be popping in with a few man rules that have stood the test of time and my first man rule is...

Man Rule:  Do 'not' make the cook mad, they will be stuffing that pie hole of yours.

Sibling Rivalry...

It is only natural for siblings to feud and this Super Bowl Sunday will not leave out this fight that has gone on since man has had a brother or a sister sitting next to them.

My siblings and I were very competitive while we were growing up, even though one year my sister and I were on the same team.  Debbie was the pitcher and I was the catcher.  We always tried to out bat each other and just plain & simply, out play each other.  By the way, we were both all stars for our positions that year (I also won the year before) and we won the championship.

I find it to be a very healthy stage we all go through.  I saw the same with my two kids and they have both turned out just fine.

Jim Harbaugh the head coach for the San Francisco 49ers and John Harbaugh the head coach for the Baltimore Ravens, these brothers will come face to face, as their teams compete and try to take the Vince Lombardi Championship trophy home and place it on their mantle.  So one brother will be able to share the joy with his brother he loves so much, each and every time he invites his brother and his family over for a barbecue.

My Expert...
Yes, this is my expert, we are a small (very!) production here, so I must use those whom I do have.  My expert use to play football back in the day, in peewee football, until he tore the ligaments in his right leg, after Billy healed up, Mama told him to find another sport.

 With all do respect, Billy has been a very good couch coach for many of decades.  My expert Billy has informed me that he feels this Super Bowl will be a Baltimore victory, now I could say this was fool proof but, he is still a bit mad at the mere fact that the 49ers beat his beloved Pats.

Though I am sure this is the very reason that he did pick the Ravens, he does have some valid points.  Such as, the 49ers quarterback Colin Kaeper is the rookie of the two quarterbacks that will be fighting it out.

But yes, I do disagree with a lot of his points.  I am going to take the 49ers this go around, remember, my team lost to them, damn those falcons!  I am not going to go against the 49ers just because they beat my team and they are the ones going to the Super Bowl and not my team.  No I have been on the losing
side of things for way too long.

I feel the experience of Joe Flacco, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers will win in the end.  Only time will tell.  Speaking of the 49ers, I must email my son (the one I am betting against) and let him know just how bad he is going to lose come February 3, I mean I am his mother and I must keep in touch with him, right.   Ahhhhhhhhh, a mother's heart never stops giving.


Yes there will be food as I have stated before, I will add some of my older recipes and add a few 'new' recipes over this next week.  I promise you one thing, if you follow my tips, you are bound and determined to have the best Super Bowl Party, Ever!

As the hostess/host, you must wake up running, you have a party to arrange and time is a ticking.  I suggest you load up with some carbs, such as pancakes and do not forget the sausage.  Since the rest of the day will be all about others, I feel we as the hostess/host should pamper ourselves first...

Orange & Honey: Compound Butter...

This is such an easy recipe and yet, it adds just enough spark that once you make your first compound butter, you will be adding all kinds of things to your butter from now on.  I find when you use compound butter's, you use less of the butter yet, add more flavor to each dish.

In a bowl place 1 stick of butter, 3 tablespoons of honey and 1 (or more if you like) tablespoon's of the zest of an orange.  Mix until it is well blended.

Make Some Pancakes...

Then tops those lovely pancakes with your Orange & Honey Compound Butter, add a few sausage links and enjoy.  You do deserve it now but, by the end game, you really will have deserved this breakfast.

  Start Your Engines...

This is going to be a hell of a ride but, you are ready.  You are carb'd up and you have made sure you are prepared for this Sunday's game.  You must make lists, do not step this process or you might get lost.  Do not forget about your loved ones, I feel they deserve an extra email or as I have stated before, make a phone call, it really is more personal.

Delegate folks: There will be other guests and I figure why not take advantage of that.  It only means more food so...  Ask them to bring a dish!


Will there be a fight, I bet there will be
Yes it is all about the sport in the end and I am looking forward to a hard hitting game.  I mean remember, these teams did beat my team, the Atlanta Falcons and Billy's team, the New England Patriots, they must be the best.  Well at least Billy and I feel this way.

These are my two buddies Bugg & Sweet Tee, they are the star and co-star of the (my) production company, Buggah inc. and they will help you along this process of throwing the best 'ever' Super Bowl Party.

The other cast of Characters that also play a role in this (my) production company...

My husband Dan, hair & make-up.  I did mention he is my husband and by the way, he has enough sense to know that I am the boss.

You have already met my expert Billy, lives with me, no choice.

My son Marcus, need I really say a thing, I am his mama now.

Also my grandson Tristan, without me, he would not be here, period.

Yes this is an old photograph of them (about 2 years old) but here at Buggah inc., we use what we have.

Grab your paper, get your game plan ready and let us make this year the best Super Bowl Party, Ever!

Why not start with a few of my older recipes...

Potato Salad:  Done Mama's Way!

Come Get Your... Boiled Peanuts!

Do not forget about your dog pals...

MeMe Heads:  Dog Biscuits

Super Bowl XLVII: Part 2

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