Saturday, February 2, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII: Football, Fun, Food & EFF-IT BALLS Part 3

During Super Bowl Sunday, February 3, 2013, when the Baltimore Ravens play the San Francisco 49ers.  There will be more than just one kind of bomb being thrown that day.  The F bomb will be shouted more than once, so why not combat (well some what) that problem by making EFF-IT Balls.  Easier to explain to the kids.

What the...


This project will cost you very little money but save you in how many sorry's you will be sharing with the young'in at your Super Bowl Party.  When ever your team losing, just throw the ball down and yell EFF-IT.

When the children (or some ladies) act shocked just explain to them that you said effort, that your team made such a wonderful effort on that last play and even though they messed up, you thought they deserved an atta boy.  Works for most.

2 9X12 felt sheet for each EFF-IT ball you plan on making.

The embroidery floss will be enough to make two EFF-IT balls.

Then just a old sheet, shirt or any kind of cloth you have been meaning to toss out.

Of course you will need a sewing needle, poster board, tape, scissors, chop sticks and two helpers always works for the best.

First Step...

Make a template of a football on some poster board, you will need a 'very' sturdy paper.  Tape the template to one of your felt sheets and cut around the template.  Do not get over anxious and try to cut two at a time, they will not be even.

Step 2...

Take your embroidery floss and make the laces for the front of your EFF-IT balls.  I find if you sew the EFF-IT balls in this order and making a knot at after each step helps from making the felt to bunch up.  Once again, calm down and just relax into it all.

Step 3...

Sew both your football sides together with your embroidery floss.  Make sure not to pull tight on the embroidery floss, as it will make the felt bunch up.  I am sure you don't mind that I use last years photograph for some of my directions, time is ticking by and soon it will be Super Bowl Sunday, it is a sacrifice I must take.

Also make sure to leave a few inches left open so you are able to stuff your EFF-IT balls.

Step 4...

This is where your chop sticks will come in handy, as they will help you fill in the corners with your cloth, so you don't have any gaps.  Stuff to the desire you choose but make sure you are able to close it up.  When you are done stuffing your EFF-IT balls then finish sewing up your EFF-IT balls.

I understand that I have been using the photographs I used when I published my articles for last years Super Bowl articles but, I am making the EFF-IT balls this year...


Okay I guess I should say, 'we' are making the EFF-IT balls.  Yes, the hubby worked today, he had to make a run and yes I had him take our grandson.

After he finishes sewing the EFF-IT balls I am sure he will have no trouble going to sleep, so operation 'duct it' can be pulled off without a hitch.

That would be the prank I shared with in part 2 of this series.  Please take a look, it might give you a few ideas.  My other victim decided to go out to the bar for a few cold ones so my brother Billy will have no trouble sleeping while I decorate his doorway.

I will be sitting in the kitchen and every now and then I will bang a pot with a spoon so the hubby thinks I am working, as he finishes sewing all the EFF-IT balls.  I am so bad, yet so good.


As crazy as it seems, not all your guest might like football, I know, I know crazy huh.  We should not forget about them.

 The best way to combat this situation is to get someone to find all those games you bought throughout the years for the kids to play.

Grab some playing cards and get the poker chips out.  This will help keep them entertained while you try to feed all the folks, watch the game and take the dogs out every now and then.

Maybe even buy some small gifts and make a poker tournament.  With winners for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.

You are the hostess/host and you want all to feel welcome.

My Favorite gift to give...

Yes this is for my son, the one whom dares to defy me and 'always' bet against me (other than 1999) yes, he always gets a package of love from his mama.  A EFF-IT ball for when my San Francisco 49ers, kick his Baltimore Ravens Butt.

See the lovely ribbon I used (last years 90% after holiday valentine special), there was so much love put in here for my guy because, I am sure he will be dropping a few bombs of his own come Super Bowl Sunday.  Also being his mama and being so thoughtful I even included some Alabama tissue to dry his tears.

We are Nearing...

Yes people we are getting close to the scrimmage line of our game called Super Bowl Party 101.  We are so close and remember, do not panic, you still have time.  Kick off is not until 6:30 EST.

We will be doing beverages, snacks and meat in the next 12 hours so hang in there.

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