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The Pumpkin Patch: Halloween, Hayrides & Fun!

I have found the best Halloween attraction for the little pumpkin pies that live in the Columbus Georgia/Phenix city/Ft. Benning area, it has just enough scare but, not too much to bring up bad dreams for those little guys and gals we love so much.  

Affordable, you bet your bippy it is.   Please go to Best Nursery's 'The Georgia Pumpkin Patch' this Halloween.

The Pumpkin Patch

When we first arrived at the gate, we were greeted with some very helpful young men and women directing traffic, it all went every smooth.  Also, they could not have been more courteous if they tried.  We did not have to walk very far at all to get into the fun, even though 'The Georgia Pumpkin Patch' was very busy.

Notice whom the driver is

When we entered 'The Georgia Pumpkin Patch' the first attraction we saw was a photo opportunity, no cost, admission is free.  It didn't take many 'you better do this and smile photo looks' before the men agreed to play along.

I guess Daddy's dress was too tight, his tongue popped out

Tristan never to shy away from a camera, went from one photo-op to another, fast as he could, so another photo could be taken.  After we were through with these few displays (and a few others not seen) we then had to check out the big awesome (my grandson's words) spider, so we did.

Now this did take a bit of coaxing to get Tristan to walk up to the spider, he said "Granny, that is a big spider", with a bit of fear in his eyes.

Granddad informed him that the spider can not get out of his cage, so all is well.  Tristan bravely stood at the spider display and had his photograph taken.

Not once taking his eyes off of that 'big' spider.

We then left there in a bit of a hurry, Tristan's choice mind you and next up was a barn, just full of stalks of corn but to a 3 year old, it was awesome.  We roamed around the barn for a few minutes and off to the pumpkin maze we went.

I love how they have thoughtfully laid out the plan, as once you and your child/children are in that maze, there is not a way for them to escape without you cornering them.  Also there are a lot of those that work at the nursery that are walking around making sure everyone is having a wonderful time and are safe.

Pumpkin Maze

We have 'yet' to Spend A Dime

As we weaved in and around the pumpkin maze Tristan was more interested in the smallest pumpkins than he was with the big ones.

By the time we were done with the pumpkin maze, Tristan had three small pumpkins he wanted and Granddad picked out a pumpkin for us to carve Halloween eve.

Granddad went and stood in line so as to purchase our hayride tickets (3.00 per person) and we all went our own way to see what was out there in this beautiful pumpkin garden.

After I (sitting on a beautiful rock by the pond, just lovely) watched (snapped photographs) Tristan as he tried to pull his daddy around in the cart I then decided to leave them and to take a stroll of my own.

Marcus and Tristan decided to also take a stroll, so off we all went in different directions.  By the way, I have no idea where Billy went but, when I did see him coming back to the group he was smiling, so he was having fun.

I must say one thing if nothing else is said, the people that work at best Nursery treat you with kindness, they go that extra step to make sure you are having a great time and it was very much appreciated by us.

My Jaunt

I went off to do my own scouting because, as I was sitting on that rock I saw some of 'my' kind of stuff, yes, woman stuff, I am a woman. I love crafts, sweets of any kind, it be fruit or not and it being homemade, come on!

Yes I spent a few bucks for some (darn good) homemade peach preserves and pumpkin butter made with honey but, the 9 bucks I spent on them will be well served and enjoyed.

Mind you, the men will not complain about the peach preserves and pumpkin butter made with honey on their pipping hot biscuits, I promise you.  I myself like the peach preserves with a very hearty wheat bread, lightly toasted, while hot butter and then, just slather with that deliciously sweet, yet so fruity peachy goodness.

My mouth is watering now, lordy it is good.  They have plenty of Halloween knick knacks, toys and many more flavors of preserves to be slathered on what ever your heart desires.

 They Did 'not' Forget

After I looked at the arts and crafts and goods for sale, I went across the bridge and there sat one of the best sights I have seen in awhile, these pumpkins are being used for good, for all women/men that pass by them.

Come on, you just have to love this.  I have said ta ta's before saying ta ta's was cool, I just had to snap a photograph of this display.  Not only loving the sign, I also love that Best Nursery put their best foot forward to raise awareness to such a worthy cause.  The photo does it no justice, just a lovely sight to behold.

Together Again

We all met at the pond around 20 (or so) minutes later, the hubby had the tickets for the hayride in hand, my brother came walking up with a smile and Tristan was following me (pointing out pumpkins) and saying "I want this for my birthday", mind you, his birthday is not until next year, many months away.  So in line we went for the hayride.  

You are going to have a bit of a wait but, do not allow the long line to frighten you, the hayride takes around eight minutes each go around.  It also seats around 20 people easy.

Meaning, the line moves fast but for some (young tots), not fast enough, so since the line had been set (great thinking on Best Nursery's part) by the pond, Tristan and his daddy were able to go over to look and see what was floating in that pond.  Before he knew it, it was time to go on the hayride.

Before we get to the hayride I just want to let y'all know, we all had a wonderful time.  For the five of us it cost 15.00 for the hayride, 9.00 for the preserves and pumpkin butter made with honey (it is Halloween, I had to get the pumpkin butter, right!), 2.00 for a small pumpkin, 1.00 for two snatches out of the grab bag for Tristan (the eyeballs) and a lot of kids running around not knowing which way to turn first, as it 'all' looks fun and you can not help but have a smile on your face.

The HayRide

Now, do you 'really' think I was going to show you what we saw as we went on this fun ride, well heck no, you must go to 'The Best Nursery" in Fortson Georgia and visit 'The Georgia Pumpkin Patch'.  You and your family will enjoy it.

We had so much fun, we plan on visiting again this week and who knows, I might sneak off and get me some more homemade goodies.

I will say Tristan did want to run at one point, when a dangling snake touched his head but, it was short lived.  Granny told him it was only make believe like we play at home, then he was fine.

Though let me tell you, he had a death grip on his daddy's hand and he could not sit any closer, without being on his lap from then on.  I must admit, it did make me laugh, come on the little scare was harmless.

Please call ahead so you know what activities they are doing on that given day or ask them for the agenda for the rest of this week, they were only too kind when I bothered them with three phones calls given within two days.  The whole atmosphere was just fun, hospitable, affordable and I could not have asked for a better 50th birthday party.  Yes we had cake waiting for us at home.

Remember: Admission is free and you do 'not' have to buy a pumpkin.

Ends with Smiles

Yes, even after that bit of a scare that Tristan experienced there was one last photo-op that awaited us at the exit and after that, that boy only dreamed (that night) of beautiful pumpkins, family, fun and he had a piece of Granny's birthday cake.

Best Nursery is located no more than 25 minutes from our home and we live in Ladonia Alabama...

Best Nursery
9616 Fortson Rd.
Fortson Ga. 

Telephone number: (877 or 706) 327-1515

Hours: Monday-Saturday 8am- 6pm,  Sunday: 12pm-5pm

Best Nursery Website

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    1. Thank you hon, it was a blast. My husband asked me what I wanted to do for my 50th birthday and I did say "Go to a u-pick'em farm so our grandson and I could pick us a pumpkin.LOL During my research I came across this attraction and it hit all the bells and whistles I wanted...Close by our home, no admission fee (others in the area wanted 10 bucks to just get in), not too scary and it had a lot of pumpkins. This place had it all and the photo opportunities are endless, so I have so many cute photos of our grandson. Yep turning 50 came about a much easier, by being a kid in a good'ol fashion pumpkin patch. Thank you for stopping by and leaving the comment, it is much appreciated, Denise:) - See more at: http://deniseobuggah.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-pumpkin-patch-halloween-fun-to-be.html?showComment=1382959303566#c6105163180459618450

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