Saturday, March 16, 2013

Buggah INC: Yearly Report & Alabama Scanner Update

Continued (LOL) Success

As CEO and fellow worker (I do 99.9% of the work) of a great crew (mostly me) it is my pleasure to be able to give you a report on just how much progress we have made in this last year.  Since our first yearly report a year ago.

We (I) have decided (no choice, he is 'the star') to name our company Buggah inc. (what we are incorporating, who knows).  We (I) feel this name (his articles gets more views) just has that certain kind of (will try 'anything' at this point) 'ring of success' for us (me) to go even higher (when down so low, up is all you have left) in our field of business.

Bugg's heart filled with pride and joy, when the board (me) members 'unanimously' voted for our (my) new company name of Buggah inc. .

Bugg meant no disrespect (Sure!) to his co (Bugg knows he does it all, well except the CEO) workers when he showed so much joy after hearing the good news of our (my) board members (me) decision on our (my) company name.

Bugg was so surprised that (this had taken them so long) the board of directors (me) would show him so much love (if the 'star' is happy, the whole household is happy <eyeroll>) and respect...

Bugg just could not help but to (put it in his co-workers (them not me) face) grin from ear to ear.

Our (my) Backers

Though we (I) have many backers (2), there is one backer I would like to put out, up front and center.  When I first called him and informed him that I was learning to be a writer but, I needed a camera to enhance my work.

He jumped at the chance (after he stopped laughing), and offered to send a camera (trash heap or me) to help our (my) production company and it was accepted (no choice, broke) with all the gratitude (<eyeroll>) I (can muster) have (he will be the father to my grandchildren, one day) in my heart.

This one backer (his wife, my daughter said "Just do it!") of Buggah inc. has been very supportive throughout this whole process.  I informed him that I was going to publish a company report once again this year and I wanted him to be part of it.

We (I) are so happy he displayed such a delightful (as if having 4 wisdom teeth pulled) response over our wonderful news, that I heard him sucking in his breath with (utter disgust) with all this excitement of Buggah inc including him, then our phone connection was lost.  Buggah inc.tried to reach him throughout the day (okay twice) but, he must have been out of my service area.

He has (since 'finally' picking up the phone) been willing to help (if mil is busy, she might not visit) me in every possible way.  My daughter so graciously (her birthday is coming up) snapped this photograph of the man that so generously (remember: trash heap or me) donated the camera that makes this all happen.

Our (my) wonderful backer we (I) have just showcased for our (my) yearly report is very shy so he would like to remain anonymous (we received the restraining order this morning) and we can (court ordered) understand (<eyeroll>) and respect (Oh yes, he is on the dammit doll list for Christmas) his decision.

If not for this camera we (I) would have never of been able to share (do this or go crazy, empty nest folks) this knowledge that seems to permeate around our (my) wonderful writing staff (me) that helps to (me or nothing) put out such great (grate) work that so many (1 or 2 a day) of my readers hold their breath (that my computer gets a virus) just waiting for our (my) next installment.

B N B Mailroom

We (I) have always encouraged our employees to branch (get off their butts!) out and be all they (some one has to get the mail) can be.

Two of our (my) employees have branched out (they know this road leads nowhere) and have started the 'planning' stages of a new (finally doing 'their' job) business.  B&B (Bad & Broke) Mail Room will (doubt it) open their doors (every time they go get the mail) and we (I) wish them all the luck (in 'not' making me too mad) on their new adventure.

Bugg and Uncle Billy have been working very hard (the walk takes 15 seconds) in making their up and coming business a success.  They have been practicing here in our (my) mail room on how to improve (really folks, it can 'not' get any worse) their delivery system.

Uncle Billy, walks to the mail box, grabs the mail, delivers the mail to Bugg and Bugg is always eager (yellow lab + 'anything' = insert mouth) to help Uncle Billy out.  Their team work is remarkable (if you have no other options) and helps keep their business afloat (as a screen porch lined fishing boat) and they just might (not!) be a real success (mail comes daily folks) in the postal field.


It has come to our (my) attention (walked into the bedroom) a few of our documents have been shredded by accident (okay, sure... remember, yellow lab + insert 'all' in mouth = bad lab chew) and I must say Bugg (was having a ball) seemed so upset over this mishap.  It 'might' cost (never got my publishers clearing house sweepstakes letter) our (my) company (up to) a million dollars.

As a new and up and coming company ourselves, we (I) feel that we (I) must give them (I don't want to get the mail) the time for adjustments.  As we (I) expect our (my) clientele (3 views today) to also have a little bit of (mercy on my soul, my kids are gone) patience so we (I) are able to work our (my) kinks out.

Also, we (I) stay with BnB Mail Room because (no choice), they are a well oiled (if I yell, get the mail!) machine, that we (I) just can not do without.

For now!


As we (I) get older (49 this year, help!) we (I) need a bit more (from head to toe) work on ourselves to keep us (me) up and about, as does our (my) equipment.

Our equipment manager (me) has been working very hard to keep this operation up with the times.

Our equipment manager (me) decided that we could use a update on our Alabama scanner.

Our equipment manager (me) called the head office (my head) and informed them (still me), we (I) need to upgrade a few pieces in our (my) Alabama Scanner so we (I) are able to (not have to buy an 'actual' scanner) keep up with production.

Our head office (my head) went on a hunt for a solution and after one hour (Some one has to sit and watch 'the star') the head office (me folks) then came up with some new and improved (found more stickers) parts for the Alabama Scanner.

Now our photo lab technicians (me) can now scan (bend over and have a better chance of taking a 'clean' 'photograph' of a 'photograph') our photographs with so much more efficiency.

We Believe in this Team

Our board members (me) have decided to promote from within.

We (I) have found that with our limited (0) budget, we should give each employee (ran out of family members) a chance to move up and have a bit more responsibility.

We (I) have decided (no choice) to let our hairstylist/financial backer (0 in the till) Dan, have a bit more responsibility around Buggah incorporated.

This new position will also allow Dan to put (me 'not' take out) a bit more money in his wallet (I'm working, I spend less) and play an even bigger (like he does a thing now) role in our (mostly me, tyvm) company's operations.

Dan did this so (I would shut the pie hole) we could keep this operation in tip top (of a sinking ship) shape. 

Move it!

Since Billy and Bugg are in their learning period of how to deliver/handle the mail (and 'actually' keep customers) and Billy is the head of our (my) moving division, we (I) have decided to take the load off of Billy for a few.

Trial Period

Billy was so pleased (now he doesn't have to do this) to show Dan all he could, to (pass this off) help Dan have a bigger role in our (my) company.

Uncle Billy starts off (grown man, can't throw) by showing Dan/hair stylist/financial backer (another grown man, can't throw), the ropes on how to plant your feet and aim for the target.

Uncle Billy explains to the new trainee that he must place it just so, so the photographer (me) can snap the perfect (as good as this shoddy camera will allow) photograph of 'the star' catching the Alabama frissbie.

Billy was so proud (Dan could at least get it up in the air) that Dan was more than eager (if the wife is not happy, no one is happy, including 'the star') to work hard (as a 61 year old can with a bum knee) and make a success (keep me from complaining) of this new opportunity.

Trial Period, Over!

After 15 minutes of Billy showing Dan how to (still throw like a girl) master the Alabama frizzbie, Billy allowed (I told him, to get!) Dan to take the reins.

Dan was doing just fine (The photographer was hit in the leg, twice!) as our photographer (Me) was about to take the perfect shot of Bugg, jumping up to catch the Alabama frizzbie, disaster happened (<eyeroll>).

Stitches were not (he is 'so' lucky!) needed.

The photographer (Me) complained to the head office (my head) about the dangerous working conditions.

The head office had to re-think (fire his butt) about Dan's role in the props department.

Generosity is Buggah inc.

We (I) have always been very generous to our employees (they get to eat!) and this holiday season is no exception.

Our (my) company had taken (made the hair dresser/no longer in props/financial backer give me a few bucks) out a loan and we (I) gave each employee a wonderful (one dollar mega millions lottery ticket) bonus this year.

We (I) did this because of all the hard work they have (avoided at all cost) accomplished throughout the year and I am sure (they will do the same shoddy work next year) this will let them know that Buggah inc. thinks of them as nothing but (duh, because they are) family to us (me).

As you can see, Dan our hairstylist/no longer in props/financial backer, was so excited (he was just fixing to leave the house) and pleased with his (in the state of Alabama, I get half) Christmas bonus this year.

Dan could hardly (run out the door fast enough) contain himself.

Our (my) Crew (<eyeroll>)

We (I) have a few more employees that have been more than happy (better to just do it) to join our team since our (mine tyvm) last company report.

Marcus has offered (no choice, I gave birth to him) to help out as much as he can.

Tristan my grandson (he can't walk, let alone run away), has also been a tremendous help.

Dan, Billy and Bugg have all decided (I control the TV remote) to stay with the company and help make Buggah inc. into the best production company (on our street) that is out there.

All 'work' & No Play...

Our end of the year (I must feed them) party was a great (no one was arrested) success.  Our kitchen staff (me) served a lovely punch (red kool-aid) and our (my) company CEO (me) even made sure our (my) employees had the best vintage (Shine, supplied by Bubba, on collard green lane) of (none) bubbly we could find.

For our Christmas party Dan (could be making up to the photographer), supplied us all with a box of freshly (brought home from his morning meeting at the car lot) made dunk'in donuts.

We will cut no expenses at Buggah inc. (There's none to cut) for our (mostly me) employees.

When I snapped this lovely (finally got them away from the punch bowl) photograph of our crew, Bugg looked (ashamed) adoringly at his crew.

Bugg knows without them (we would have a better chance at success) he could not shine as brightly as this 'star' does.

In Closing...

Our (mine!) company is committed in doing all we can to make Buggah inc. even stronger (we have no place to go, but up!) in this next year.  We (I) know (fingers crossed) Buggah inc. will grow much bigger (if my kids have more kids) and become a more (that one is easy to top) successful company in the future.

Bugg has since signed (he wants to eat) a new contract with our production company.

I rarely like to be photographed (I like to give my crew the credit) but, Part of Bugg's new contract states: I will (I also want to eat) promote (pimp) Bugg's and Uncle Billy's new company BnB Mail Room.  I do this willingly (as long as my face is covered) for the good of our (mostly me) company.  As we all know (<eyeroll>) ...

It is a Bugg's World!

The Alabama Scanner

I will admit, this is a company report that was written December 2010 and even though (yes I did improve it tyvm) I tightened it up a bit, I can not (heck I know I will get found out, just my luck) tell a lie.  Not much has changed, I am still the boss/talent/99.9% of the workforce, they still listen to me (once again, I cook for them) and Bugg is still 'the star' (<eyeroll>).

All photographs are the property of Denise O.  Do not use unless you get 'my' written permission. All written material is owned by Denise O, it will not be 'used' (sharing my article is different and acceptable) without 'my' written permission.  Just keeping it real folks.:)

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