Monday, April 2, 2012

Our (My) Business, our (My) Employees and the Alabama Scanner

I would like to introduce you to our (my) production company, the crew (mostly me) makes this all happen.  As you will see, my (mostly me) employees are very dedicated (even I must laugh at this) and have been very instrumental (as a kazoo with a marshmallow stuck in it) in helping our (my) company thrive.

As the CEO of this new company, I would like to thank my crew (mostly me) for all their (once again, me) hard work and to show our (my) appreciation, we (I) would like to introduce them to you.

If not for "The star", we would be no where that is why we (I) must (kiss butt) keep "The star" happy.  So first up is Bugg and he has been a valued employee for 2 months.  Bugg asks for very little while on the set. 

A bowl of ice, dog biscuits, 4 breaks a day for chow, work 10 minutes, stop, play until tired and then break for 15 minutes.  A ice cream break at 1:30.

The most important thing in keeping "The star" happy (kissing his butt) is, making sure you watch him at all times because, you do not want to miss the opportunity to tell him just how wonderful he really (<eyeroll>) is. 

If his fragile ego (<eye roll>) is shattered, it could shut down the set for hours. 

It's a Bugg's world, as you (we all do <eyeroll>) know.


Billy has been a valued employee for this company for 2 months.

Billy is 'usually' on time for work, his boss the set manager (Me) feels he has done an exceptional (Who else is going to do it) job.

All Billy asked (no choice) for in pay was, room and board, able to watch wrestling four (flippin) times a week and a lot of hugs.

Even though his pay (does not exist) is low, he rarely (constantly) Complains. 

Billy honestly feels that one day our work will be as big as his nephew's (my son) work was during the week they (selected by his 6th grade teacher) displayed Marc's fine art work in the Columbus (Georgia) Museum.

           The Lighting director Yells "Move"!

Happy Employee
The stage manager (Me) honestly tries not to over work her crew (mostly me).  She knows, without them (mostly me) this company could not be the finely oiled (as a rusty door hinge) machine that it is.

We (I) found out in our early testing that, our (my) photo lab could not be used inside, so we (I) took the lab out side.  The only problem with having the lab outside is... 

It has to be moved throughout the day.

We must follow our lighting director (the sun).   

Photo Lab

Here is our photo lab. It consist of the vital essentials for us to put out the best (half baked) photographs that we are able to.

A drink for the photo lab tech (Me).  

A person gets thirsty guiding (yelling at) the crew
throughout a whole day (as if they ever worked a whole day) of shooting.

A cup of cigarettes.  Don't judge!  It is stressful having to keep this company thriving.

Back up tape, name tags, card table and a chair. 

A phone.  I don't know why (no one calls) but, we (I) have it. 

An ashtray, the photographer (Me) has it in her contract.  So just deal with it!

Alabama Scanner

Bottom of the Alabama Scanner
We (I) treasure our (my) employees (mostly me) so much, we have added a new scanner to our photo lab.

We want to make our lab tech's (Me) job as easy as possible because, even though they're (me again) not "The star".  They (Me) are very vital to our (my) company and we know with out their (My) hard work, none of this could happen.

This is our latest addition:  The Alabama scanner. 

We (I) are so proud of our (my) latest investment.  We (I) wanted to provide our (my) crew (mostly me) with the best possible equipment out there.  We (I) want to make sure their (my) job will be the least demanding (as if) as possible. 

We (I) called in our (my) equipment manager (Me) and asked her (me again) to get the equipment we (I) needed

She (Me) had to use her (my) precious time, as she (Me) walked all the way back up the ramp, walk back into the house and look for those darn name tags we had left over from the baby shower we (I) had 5 months ago.

It was a cost she (Me) just had to swallow.  We (I) are building a business here.

We had to Update

We (I) had noticed a lot of the pictures had a gap on each side after they came out of the scanner. 

The lab manager (Me) called in our (my) technical team (Me) to fix the problem. 

The technician (Me) sat down and started to work on the problem.

As the technician (Me) worked hard making the new side thing a ma jiggers, to update the Alabama scanner...

The producer (Me) had to be called in.

                 Remember:  He is 'The Star'

The producer (Me) had to watch Bugg, as Bugg had taken another one of his play breaks. 

The producer (Me), a company woman, stayed on the set to (be bothered) make sure 'The Star' knew he was a good boy (<eyeroll>) a pretty boy, just the best dog ever in the (flippin) entire world.  

As we all know, running makes you tired but also, hungry. 

So, the caterer (Me) was called in to supply "The star" with some goodies.

You must keep "The star" happy.

Top of the scanner

Top of the Alabama Scanner
The top of the Alabama scanner (mostly me) consist of four parts.

A camera. 

A steady hand 

one eye ball and...

A finger to push the button.

We just know with our new Alabama scanner...

Our photo lab crew's (Me) work performance will only improve (as much as this shoddy camera allows) as time they (me) get use to the new equipment.

Few Kinks, Still!

Even with the new adjustments our (my) technician (Me) made we have still been experiencing a few difficulties. 

It is still a hit or miss (9 times out of 10, a miss) game.

We (mostly me) will not let that stop us!

We (mostly me) are a team!

We (mostly me) have a business to build!

                   Making Bugg Gorgeous

The person in charge of our (my) hair and make-up team (Me) has a wonderful staff (of 1).  Our head hair stylist (the only one) Dan, has also been with the company for 2 months.

His boss (Me) feels he has been there (I am his 'wife, no choice) when needed.  His boss (Me) also informed the head office (my head) that he has no demerits on his record, this month.

Dan told his boss (Me) that he would volunteer (no choice) his time, for the good of (his marriage) the company, until (I say so) we (I) are more established.

               So, This is Our (MY) Crew...

Crew in the Green Room
This is our (my) crew, I could (lose a few and be fine) not do it without them. We are sorry our photographer (Me) was unable to also be in the photograph. 

We know that every time a persons finger clicks on the mouse, we are closer to building a bigger and better business.

Well, this was our (mine) first company report, we (mostly me) have been around for a few years since but, I thought since y'all are new to our (my) company, I would share our first report.  Y'all come back now, ya hear!:)

More Bugg

Alabama Scanner II

All photographs are the property of Denise O.  Do not use unless you get 'my' written permission. All written material is owned by Denise O, it will not be 'used' (sharing my article is different, it is acceptable and appreciated) without 'my' written permission.  Just keeping it real folks.:)


  1. Hey Denise,
    Indeed Bugg is the star and I have a feeling he knows it.

    1. He sure does. I think at the time I first had this published, he was around a year old. Things have not changed. But he deserves it. Thank you for stopping by.:)