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Bacon, turkey, Ham & Fix'ins: A Great Club Sandwich!

There are very few sandwiches that I will order when I go out to eat and one would be a club sandwich   The problem though was...
I hated paying $7.00 for something I knew I could pull off on my own and for a lot cheaper.  I have also found out that in the end, my club sandwiches are even better than the ones I have eaten in any restaurant. 

Man Size Sandwich

I was a bit intimidated when I decided to tackle this delicious sandwich but, it ended up being very easy. This club sandwich always comes out looking so pretty and delicious.  Now there is no longer a need to pay seven bucks for one sandwich that you can make for fraction of that price and is actually better.


8 pieces of turkey sandwich meat (Deli style, thin sliced)
8 pieces of Bacon. (Your choice)
8 slices of tomatoes
1/2 head lettuce
12 pieces of toasted bread ( white or wheat, your choice)
4 slices of cheese ( American or cheddar slices)
Salt and pepper

Start Stacking...

                             Just Layer the Goodness

Place your lettuce in a colander and rinse, after the lettuce is well drained, put it through a salad spinner or dry it off with some paper towels.

If you do not dry the lettuce well you will end up with a soggy sandwich.

Slice your tomatoes and set aside.

                                     Fry That Bacon

Cook your bacon the way you like it. 

Each one of my family members like their bacon done from soggy, to crispy and even, almost burnt. 

Make sure you drain your bacon on some paper towels. 

I have decided to use turkey bacon.  Only because that is what I had on hand, so why not use it up.

If you would rather use pork bacon, it will work just fine and I use it at times myself.

Lay it Out!

                                                      Make Your Assembly Line

Toast your bread slices and place your toast in the first position on your assembly line.

Then place your meat and cheese on a plate and in second position of your assembly line and in the third spot place your plate of tomatoes and lettuce.

place your mayonnaise, salt and pepper, at the top of my plates, so your family/guest will be able to use at any time.   After you have completed these easy tasks then start to assemble your sandwiches.

                                        First Layer

Lay one piece of toast down. Put a thin layer of mayonnaise on your toast.

On top of your mayonnaise, place two pieces of turkey, 2 pieces of ham and a slice of cheese.

Add mayonnaise to one side of the second piece of toast.

Put the toast on the cheese, mayonnaise side down.  I always add a bit of cracked black pepper to each piece I add mayonnaise to, they pair so well.


Spread some mayonnaise on the top of your bread,

Sprinkle the top side with some black pepper.

Place two slices of bacon on top.

Place 2 tomatoes slices on top of the bacon. 

Pepper your tomatoes, I find adding salt is not necessary with the added bacon.

You can add more of each ingredient or take some away.  This might not be Burger KIng but, it is your sandwich so, you 'can' have it your way.

                                        Almost There

Add a few pieces of lettuce.  Take your last piece of toast, add Mayonnaise to one side and do not forget the fresh black cracked pepper.

Place the piece of toast, Mayonnaise side down, on your lettuce.

                            MMMMMM MMMMMM Good!

I usually use toothpicks but, for demonstration purposes I used medium sized skewers, so you can get the gist of it.

Place four toothpicks in the sandwich to help you secure all the goodies inside. 

Cut the sandwich on the diagonal, both ways.   See, It wasn't hard at all.

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