Saturday, March 31, 2012

Alabama Living: Mama's Way!

Well, I have done it, I have finally decided to branch out and create my own blog.  I will be a liar if I say it was an easy choice, as it was not.  As with most folks that write online, I too was comfortable just writing for another site but, even though it did help me with improving my writing skills, I have gotten nothing out of it money wise so, why not take this leap.  I figure, I do not have a thing to lose.

My Employees, Dan & Billy.  Hard at <eyeroll> work.

                          My kind Of Guys!

I will be writing about my two dogs, Bugg and Sweet Tee.  I have had dogs for well over 3 decades and I have run into most problems dog owners are going through, I plan on sharing my expertise on this subject.

I will also be sharing some delicious recipes from southern cooking to vegetarian dishes and everything in between.  I believe in cooking and eating is: Everything in moderation and heck at times, a little indulgences does not hurt a thing.  I have also traveled around a bit so I have a lot of diversity in my cooking.

                            I can be Serious

I also am the caregiver to my older brother Billy, whom has been mentally challenged since birth.  Later on in life he was diagnosed as being psychotic manic depressive/bipolar.  Life is not easy for my brother and to be quite honest, it is not easy for me at times either.  I will be writing on the successes I have had with working with him and also the failures, so you can learn from my knowledge and my mistakes.

                                            Domestic Abuse
I wish I could say to y'all that I had a great life, white picket fence and all those 'leave it to beaver' moments in my life but, that is not so.  My dad has been an alcoholic since I can remember and yes, some will say he has an illness, I say he has the lack of character to even care if he is a drunken sot or not.  He has always cared about himself more than anyone else.

Each blow he has struck has brought one too many people down.  He does not have that hold on me though and he has not, since I first moved out of 'his' house, at the age of 13, one month before I turned 14.  I wish I could one day get him out of my life for good but no, he keeps getting into my life.  Only because, my brother Billy, whom I take care of, keeps bringing him into our lives.  Each time Billy runs back to Dad, in the hopes that his father will love him, so I end up having to deal with the drunken sot.

Each time though, the guy we must call Dad, disappoints Billy and I have to pick up the pieces.  I wish I could get my brother to just let him go but because, he is not only psychotic manic depressive, my brother is also mentally challenged and has been from birth and because of that.  Billy will always have a child's mindset and he will always crave that love, a child does for their parent.

Spasms Galore
I have been living with 'chronic myofascial pain' for 23 years.  I say living because, I have a hold of my disease (most of the time) and it does 'not' have me.  Yes I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I want to share and maybe you can share yours with me.  Just remember, us folks living with muscle diseases must stick together because, not one person that 'does not' have a muscle disease understands you, we do!      

                   When all else Fails, Duct It!

I live in Alabama, so I will also be writing about all things southern, in my area and across the deep south. Will it include duct tape, well, I did say I was from Alabama so, yes!

                                              The Love of My Life!

I am a Grandmother (Gammy) for the first time to a wonderful grandson whom is 22 months old.  I will be adding kid friendly ideas for you to be able to do with your children/grandchildren.

                                                             Here I Am!

Please do not get me wrong, I have met a lot of good folks on the site I have written on for the last 2 (in June) years.  I am sure they too will understand why I had to make this move.  I mean, we all have to spread our wings and go out in the real world and take a chance.  So, here I am.

I just hope, this is a start of a great friendship.:)

 All photographs are the property of Denise O.  Do not use unless you get 'my' written permission. All writing material is owned by Denise O, it will not be shared without 'my' written permission.  Just keeping it real.:)

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