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Dogs do have Allergies: Even in Bugg's world

Bugg has allergies and it seems to be the very thing I am allergic to, any thing that grows outside. This has been a very trying time for Bugg.  Bugg is in his usual mood of, I want to play outside but, after a few minutes outside.  Bugg's eyes start to tear up, his eyes start to swell and he actually starts to sneeze. So I must curve his play time outside.

Bugg is a little over a year old and he is full of energy. It is hard keeping Bugg inside for most of the day but, this is one thing as a responsible mom, I must do.

Bugg is allowed to have all of the access he wants to go outside on our front porch, especially during this time of the year. 

The porch is on the second story so, Bugg has less of a chance of breathing in too much pollen.  

We also keep the porch washed off, daily.  Wash the porch off every morning before you let your dog outside.

This would be a great fix but, we do not live in a perfect world and eventually Bugg needs to venture outside, in the great outdoors.

To Drug or Not to Drug

I do not take any drugs for my allergies, I just limit my time outside during the spring season and keep the air conditioner on.  I find doing the same for your family pet is the best option. 

Do not get me wrong though, I have had to purchase allergy pills for our dog Max, whom also suffered from pollen allergies.  

Max's allergies had gotten to the point that he was having a hard time breathing and I could not see him having to suffer like this, so our veterinarian prescribed him some allergy medication.  It worked great that spring and with no side effects. 

Next spring Max had very little problems, nothing bad enough that I could not combat his woes with a bit more inside time.

Do not self medicate your dog:  If your dog has allergies, please consult your veterinarian.

                                                  Mommy, My Eyes Hurt!

My first instinct as it is with most people is to wipe the discharge from Bugg's eyes with my fingers. 

Do not use your hands to get the discharge out of their eyes!  If you do this, you could cause a infection in your dogs eyes.  Human hands can be dirty. 

So, please use a cool & wet wash cloth.

Every time your pet comes inside the house from playing outside, take a cool wet wash cloth and clean out their eyes. 

Periodically rinse out the wash cloth with some cold water and then, wash their face and the rest of their body.  

If you have a dog with a big tail like Bugg, also wash their tails.  

When Bugg sleeps, he curls up and his tail wraps around his face.  If he has any pollen on his tail, then it will also get into his eyes

Bugg, Why?!?!

Bugg is a dog whom just loves to roll in the grass and while doing so he seems to collect a lot of what he is allergic to, pollen. 

I know Bugg will suffer a bit but, with these tips I am sharing with you I am sure he will be just fine. 

I see no problem in letting him do what he enjoys, as long as I wash him off when we get back inside. 

I have to admit, I love to be around the things I am allergic to also but, unlike a dog, I know when to come out of the pollen.  When your dog's allergies are acting up, please limit this fun activity.

Rub A Dub

During spring (allergy season) my husband bathes Bugg once a week. Dan will use a 'very' (very little shampoo) mild shampoo on Bugg, since we are bathing him more than we usually do throughout the year.  You want to make sure you do not dry out their skin.

I also feed Bugg my own homemade dog biscuits. Since I use olive oil in my recipe, this will help to keep his skin healthy.

Bugg gets brushed out daily, this will also help the natural oils to be able to come out and condition his hair and skin. 

Brush them outside:  We do it on our front porch, so the pollen is not released into our home and further irritates Bugg and I. 

Keep it Clean

I wash Bugg's bed clothes once a week. If the pollen count is extremely high, as it usually is in our area during March, April and May, then I will do his bed clothes twice a week.

We also have a dog bed in the study, I will tumble the dog bed for a full drying cycle, this will help get out some of the pollen.

Keep them Hydrated

Since you can not keep your animal inside at all times, please make sure they have plenty of water or ice outside. 

If you have ever experienced allergies, you will know that you tend to have a dry mouth when your allergies are at their peak. 

The pollen will effect your dog in the same way, keep ice or water handy for them at all times.

Bugg's 'new' Toy

If dog toys are taken outside, please wash them every time they are brought in. 

At this time Bugg's favorite toy is Sweet Tee and as you can tell, Bugg's play toy loves to be up in his face. 

So yes, Tee also gets washed off with a wet wash cloth, every time he comes inside.

We also vacuum every other day, at least. If the pollen count is high, then we vacuum twice a day.

They Are Worth it All!

If you do all these tips, I am sure both you and your family pet will get through this spring with very little discomfort. I only write about what I know and that would be dogs but, I see no reason why these tips can not help any of your pets whom are also suffering from allergies.

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