Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day: Homemade Baskets & Gifts I

Some homemade goodies or store bought ones, you can make the ordinary, extraordinary.  It only takes a few supplies, treats and a bit of your imagination.  I also included one of my tips for shipping a package to the ones you love.

Yes, It's 'almost' Valentine's Day

Yes I have taken those store bought cookies and just given them to my friends and family in the package the cookies came in but, I have found if you do just a tad bit more, you will truly be giving a gift from the heart.

I usually make some homemade goodies and at times I too buy store bought cookies, as my daughter loves one certain cookie that is made at a bakery they don't have where her and her husband live.

When you do send cookies through the mail or fed-ex them, I have a sure fire way that your cookies will not get smashed.  If you don't use these products than ask a friend/family to save these containers for you.

Pringles or Frito Lays containers, depending on the size of your cookies or delicate candies, will determine which canisters you will use.

Not all mail carriers are gentle

I started using this technique last year after the cookies I sent my Uncle during Christmas 2009 were ruined because they were all smashed.  I thought  I packed it enough with newspaper but, apparently not.  I now do not worry about the goodies I send through the mail, I know they will be received just as I packed them and all is well.

Make 'it' Pretty!

I made some peanut butter cookies, added the chocolate glaze and some sprinkles and then placed them in a Valentine tin box.  I use (regular) cupcakes paper fillers to place my cookies in, it gives it a finished look.

Yes the tin box was cute but, why not go the extra yard and make it even more from the heart.

Yes, tie a ribbon around this package, add a card and I am sure your Valentine will be very happy and impressed by your kindness.

I find that this day is not just for 'lovers', it is a time to share with all those that you love, just how much they mean to you.

If you work in a office, make up a batch of cookies and place some cookies into a Chinese take-out container.  You can find them at most department/craft/party stores.   Add some tissue paper inside before adding your cookies, it makes for a nicer looking package.

It's A Wrap!

Why stop there, wrap it up with some pretty paper, a nice bow and then, they will be surprised with the first look, then even more so with this cute tin and then the cookies.  Now come on, we can all do this and make one that you love (or even just like) feel a bit special come February 14.

On Valentine's day or even on the times you go on a date, during the rest of the year.  Just imagine how your date would feel receiving such a personal and very thoughtful gift.  I really like this package for men, it is simple yet elegant.

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