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Super Bowl XLVII: Football, Fun, Tips and Yes, Appetizers! Part 5

We have gotten through the pranks, gifts and Meat.  Now it is time for appetizers.  Must I point this out (again) this is Super Bowl Sunday, we are Americans, we will be eating, Period!

For those that know me, I just might surprise you when I reveal one of my tricks...

Yes it is already made goodies from the deli I use, Sue Me!

In my defense, our publix supermarket has a great deal.  If you buy 6 items from their list, pepsi products, tortilla chips, lays chips and Salsa, then you get 10 dollars off of any platter, I opted for the Cuban sandwich platter.

They will 'never' Know...

Grab a pretty platter and a small bowl that will fit in the middle, add what you like as a little nibble, I decided on some sweet grape tomatoes.

Lettuce you will find, will become your best friend as you start to throw parties.

Lettuce makes your goodies pop, it is colorful and when your snacks are being gobbled up, your platter will not look old, dirty and empty.

Place your bowl in the middle and then start by laying a single layer of some loose leaf lettuce.

After you have placed your lettuce all around your platter, start adding your sandwiches, or just about any appetizer you might be serving.

Remember, all sandwiches are not make equal so work with the sandwiches until you get the look you find most appealing.

No Shame in this Game Folks!

Now you tell me, would you dig into that platter or what.  I was intending to buy the other ingredients any ways, so why not add a few more bunches to the bunch.

Man Rule: Take those extra steps to help the hostess/host, not only by buying the platter (remember the discount), assemble it and just hear all the women say "He sure is a very thoughtful man, hmm.".  You just might get lucky if you are with someone or there might be some single folks that you will then impress.  You meet your life partner today.


Serving sandwiches for appetizers is a economical and easy way to prepare.  I suggest you use a platter that you will have to replenish, rather than putting them all out at once.  When you do this, you end up with dried out bread and yes, this sandwich contains mayonnaise, do not take the chance of the mayonnaise going bad.

My Turkey, Bacon & Ham club would be a great edition to every party.  When you yourself make the sandwiches, instead of just laying cold cuts out, you then are able to stretch that meat a bit more and actually give your guest a better tasting snack to nibble on.

Spread it!

I make a very yummy green olive spread, it is a take off of a southern favorite, pimento cheese spread.  It is very easy to make and you might even have the ingredients in your refrigerator already.

You will need:

2 8 oz. packages cream cheese

2 1/2 cups cheddar cheese (I prefer sharp)

1 cup green olives

2/3 cup mayonnaise

1 tablespoon (or more if desired) Thai chili sauce

Salt & Fresh cracked black pepper to taste

Let's Get Started...

Place the cream cheese, mayonnaise and mix.  Make sure you take the time to mix it well.

Add your Thai chili sauce, salt and pepper to the bowl and mix for 1 minutes, you want all the seasoning to penetrate each and every bit of creamy goodness.

I will just let the mixer go for as long as it takes for me to shred my cheese and chop my olives.

Make sure to drain your olives well and also, I prefer to start with a whole olive, instead of those already chopped up, they contain less liquid, we don't want a runny dip.

Add to the Mix

After you have chopped your olives and grated your cheese, add to your mix and then mix until it is just incorporated.  You want the cheese and olives to mix in well but, not to the point that people have no idea what those green and red specks are.  We don't want to scare our guest.

Grab that lettuce...

A platter, your favorite crackers.  Maybe cube up some cheese, pierce it with a toothpick and place a black or green olive on top.  I am sure this will be a very busy location for your guest.

Easy Folks...

I am sure you have many other delicious recipes in your recipe box and I am sure they are loved by all but every now and then, just make a bit of a change, try something new.  Maybe just one dish at a time.

Also, grab the chips and dip, they are just fine and your guest will appreciate the thought.

I will not be making any homemade salsa, it will be coming out of a jar.  I find that there are so many delicious salsa products out there, so why make extra work for yourself.

Also please remind them, you did supply them with a wonderful gift, as you hand them a EFF-IT ball, they will not even give it a second thought.

Are 'you' Ready for Some Football!

I know I am and Bugg, Sweet Tee are ready for the fight.   As  have said previously, if you need supplies, delegate, this is not the time to be a martyr.  Make them work!

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